"LANDline Design was incredibly fun and exciting to collaborate with. The team has a great, unique vision and they are plant wizards who also have amazing hardscape ideas. They understand that green spaces are ultimately for living in, not just staring at, and I am so grateful I connected with them."

"It was a pleasure to work with people whose vision is so clear and who can achieve the delicate balance bwteen Pacific Northwest beauty and minimalist, crisp, clean design."

"LANDline not only delivered a beautiful design to us, but also built in some thoughtful surprises reminiscent of my childhood in Northern California. They have a considerate approach to design that stems from their ability to listen to her clients’ wants and observe her clients’ lives."

"LANDline was so helpful in navigating the City of Portland, as our home is in an environmentally protected zone, and they gave us great options for modern-looking native plants that fit our design and style."

"I was always overwhelmed and stressed out by all the choices I needed to make before I could even start work and I was stuck in a pattern of stagnation. I loved how LANDline Design presented all the possibilities with enthusiasm. I kept falling in love with new ideas, but they helped me decide what was really important to my own vision."

"LANDline designers have a terrific eye, are fun to work with, and have a great talent for creating spaces where people love to hang out."

"Melissa and her team were extremely easy and fun to work with. I looked forward to each time they visited to update the plans or oversee progress. They are personable and creative and were able to pull together what I was looking for while being mindful of my budget and timeline."

"They listened carefully to our project team's design ideas and expectations and provided conceptual and budgetary options that met our needs. It was a effective and collaborative process at every stage and the result certainly speaks for itself -- we love the design."

"LANDline's communication skills are excellent and their process worked really well for us. Melissa even came out to our project a few weeks after having her baby in order to show the landscapers exactly where the plants needed to go!"

"LANDline Design planned a service package that met my needs, stayed within their original budget estimate, and produced a great design that transformed both my front and back yards. "

"Melissa and her team listened to us and understood our desired results and design direction. Their solutions took all of our requests into account and have been great -- and were a great value too."