b. 1986, HK.


WHAT: LANDline Design is a small Portland-based studio that specializes in modern landscape design. We get excited by big design concepts and the tiniest tender seedlings. We love clean-lined geometries, vibrant plantings, and thoughtful details.

WHY: We believe that outdoor experiences are vital to daily life. Our goals with each project are: 1. To reveal the very best solution to each design problem, and 2. To enrich daily living through direct outdoor engagement. We believe every design is an opportunity to create memorable spaces that connect us to ourselves, our friends and family, and the natural world.

WHY MODERN: Clean lines, simple plantings, and well-chosen materials provide a sense of order and calm. Carefully planned minimalist gardens can also be environmentally-wise. A simple garden is easy to maintain, requires fewer resources, and looks great all year-round.